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Yes this page is lame, but our program is pretty rudmentary right now, so why should our web page be any better? At this point you may be asking yourself "What is hlyim?" Well, hopefully after reading this page, you will realize what a dumb question that was.

What Hlyim is

Hlyim (pronounced he-le-um, like the element. Doesn't make sense to you? Us either, we just started pronouncing it that way, and it stuck), stands for Half Life Yahoo Instant Messenger. It is basically a glue layer that has 2 capabilities (so far). One, you can use it to find out where in the Half Life unverse your friends are playing (if they are in your friends list, and are also running the hlyim client). Two, it allows you to talk (read: type a message) directly to your friends from within the Half Life console.

See the following sections for more information:
User Documentation
Developer Documentation

Where do I get Hlyim

See our Sourceforge page for program releases.

Contacting the Developers

Don't even think about it. If you have a bug, we will simply laugh in your face. Just kidding. We have several forums available for discussion of hlyim (compliments of sourceforge). If there seems to be enough traffic on the forums, we may eventually open up some mailing lists.

Future Development

In the future, cars will fly, and computers will be the size of your thumbnail. But that is beside the point. We eventually hope to add a GUI front end to hlyim, something akin to the look and feel of Yahoo Instant Messenger today. It will provide some nice amenities, such as starting Half Life on double click, and a chat window that you can use before you get in the game to talk with your friends. One nice thought would be to add it as a tab to an existing installation of Yahoo Instant Messenger. If anyone is aware of how to do something like that, please let us know and we will shamelessly copy your code.


Please don't take this web page too seriously. It is nearly 1 a.m. as I am writing this, and early hours do strange things to my brain.

Created on Mon Mar 11 21:49:22 MST 2002
By: Nathan Tenney

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